• Steph Unger

Swinging Lazily In The Tree Tops

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

I have to tell you, it's pretty tough to be writing this evening. Currently I'm sitting by a lake at the base of our hotel to the soundtrack of monkeys in the distance, the gentle ripples in the water and the breeze rustling through the trees. My light is the sunset over the water, the rays of sun piercing the clouds with gorgeous hues of orange and red. Like I said, it's tough...

Seriously though, today has been pure peace. We spent the day at Soverania National Park, walking quietly and slowly through the jungle, stopping every few meters to marvel at countless examples of God's creative talent. We saw Toucans, tiny bees, monkeys and even a sloth swinging lazily in the tree tops. We witnessed leaves cascading delicately from the canopy to the ground, butterflies whose bright blue wings stood out in stark contrast to the yellows and greens of the jungle around it. Honestly, it was our own little slice of heaven. We have actually been talking about "thins places" over the last few days... the places where the sacred seemingly seeps into the everyday, the place where the thin veil that separates heaven and earth is torn just enough to let a little of heaven touches us. Today, this place... this is a thin place for me.

It must be said though, that God is not without a sense of humour. All day the spirit was made known to us through nature. In the wind that insisted on blowing everything off the altar throughout our outdoor Mass, in the drops of rain that began to fall as we met outside for some reflection and journal time. God was also in that same rain that then decided to stop falling the minute we were all undercover. Perhaps I was wrong and it isn't actually monkeys that I am hearing right now but God having a very good chuckle.

Truly, I could sit here, by the river all day and simply just be... maybe even go and sit in one of the hammocks and pretend that I'm the sloth I saw today having a good old chill in the tree tops. Alas, there are more thin places to encounter so it's time to give thanks for today and get ready for the joys that tomorrow will bring.

Sloth hanging in the trees.

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